I would have spliced it with the previous video, but I’ve forgotten how to edit them.


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Train Station in Stuttgart

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I should have  been jet-lagged and disoriented the ext morning when I went to work, but I wasn’t. Well I was, but only for half a day. That too after coming to work the very day next day after travelling.

I will not bore anyone with details of how my work training went, except for ‘well enough’. We’re not here about that.

Going anywhere in winter feels ten time longer than it actually is.  For example, a 10 minute walk feels like 30 minutes and a 30 minute train ride feels like an hour and half.


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My flight lasted abut 10 hours, where I got about 10 minutes of sleep at a time for about an hour. Despite setting my phone to Airplane mode it ran out of power once I landed.

Arriving at the Frankfurt international airport was hectic & confusing (the airport is huge), but mercifully not long. There was some confusion regarding my baggage as it had been transferred to the train station directly. I managed to locate my baggage and got on the train to Stuttgart after a freezing 45 minute wait at the platform. At this point I wasn’t very hungry (good breakfast in-flight) but thirsty. So made do with coffee they served on the train and managed to get some small change.

From the station in Stuttgart it wasn’t very hard to locate a taxi (a Merc :D) and get driven to the address in Plochingen in about 30 min. The landlady was waiting with here daughter-in-law to show me around and get me settled in. It was explained well enough, and I was soon left to myself to clean up a bit rest (I still couldn’t sleep). 

At this point I noticed another problem. The sockets were incompatible to my laptop and phone chargers. Luckily at this point I ran into one of the many Indians in the apartment-hotel, who had a spare charger. I managed to do with that until my trainer for the job at work showed up at the reception and offered to help me locate an adapter (he did, but it wasn’t the right one).  

We traveled to Esslingen by bus and S-bahn (local train) and managed to pick up an adapter and promptly got invited to dinner by his wife. It was nice of them, we had fish.

I was starting to nod off on the way back and managed to keep myself awake until I got back to the apartment and finally fell asleep.


I’m disoriented, tired, jetlagged, but I’ve made it to Germany.

More details when I’ve slept for a reasonable amount of time.

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Starting trouble

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In the incredibly troublesome start to my deputation procedure I’ve angered/upset all people I care about, spent more on winter and travel shopping than I wanted to and am attending a cultural training program that I’m not sure that I need.

More messes as they follow. Let’s see.


– Training was useful enough to remind of things I’d forgotten and some things I didn’t know.

– Travel tickets are confirmed for booking.

– Visa documents were submitted last week.

It’s progress I suppose?